Project Management – Leveraging our extensive experience is an invaluable advantage for the success of your MicroStrategy implementation. With over 70 clients in all major verticals we have experienced a broad range of business intelligence projects allowing us to recommend the best approach for your specific business needs. Recognized as the expert in MicroStrategy implementation we areAllintel project planspecialized in business intelligence architecture planning and design, development and deployment strategies, project audits: contact us to learn how we can help you with your projects.

Technical Adviser – Our state-of-the-art technical knowledge coupled with years of experience (click here for more details) enables us to design and implement the best solutions in the industry. Our expertise in web customization (both in ASP.NET and J2EE including thousands of hours of experience with the MicroStrategy SDK – more details) is an invaluable recourse when addressing your unique business challenges.
We are MicroStrategy-certified (MCE program) and the recognized expert in MicroStrategy implementation.